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Subject:names in titles
Date:Mar 1, 1997 6:57:55 am

I, too, have heard people advise abstention from placing new names in titles. I suspect that this is a remnant of the 19th-Century dichotomy between American rules and International rules. One aspect of the old American rules dealt with page priority. Thus if a name appeared in a publication prior to its description, e.g. on page 5 when the description is on page 7, you have created a nomen nudum on page 5. In the same vein is the decision of which name to accept if two names are proposed in the same publication but which later turn out to be synonyms. The old American rules dictated page priority, i.e. a name on page 36 had precedence over one on page 38. I have heard American botanists still following this rule today. It contradicts, however, the international rules, which know nothing of page priority. It the description and type designation are on page 7, and page 5 comes off the printing press the same day as page 7, the answer is no, the name on page 5 is not an entity distinct from the validly published name on page 7.